AFP Case Study

AFP Case Study

Dr Neil Ramsay (AFP 2016 - 2018)

"I completed the Academic Foundation Programme here in Dundee from 2016 - 2018. I was attracted to Dundee because of the dedicated research time as well the the integrated hospital and medical school at Ninewells. 

During my 2 years I managed to to get involved with a number of opportunities both generally and in my areas of interest; Neurology and Stroke Medicine. During the early part of FY1 I set up a mentorship programme for 5th year "assitantship" students rotating through General Surgery to help with practical advice and tips as they  were getting closer to  working on the wards. 

More formally I was involved in teaching clinical skills and facilitating communication skills sessions within the Medical School to Year 1 -3 students.

Ninewells has a strong tradition of supporting Quality Improvement which allowed me to complete a large quality improvement project in General Surgery focusing on improving handover, which I subsequently presented nationally and is awaiting to be published in BMJ Open Quality. Latterly I have been involved with Stroke team in Ninewells supporting a large QI project focusing on improving care for stroke patients focusing on new referral and treatment pathways.

Specifically in Neurology during my FY2 year I spent  4 months in Dr Miratul Muqit's Lab (Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow) at MRC Protein, Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation​ Unit at the University of Dundee. This gave me an invaluable opportunity to get involved with basic science research focusing on the pathways that underpin Parkinson's Disease.

My research block also allowed me to have exposure to clinical neurology both in out patient and inpatient settings giving me vital insights into a future career in the specificity. I am currently applying for Core Medical Training with an aim to do Neurology training in the future hopefully with a research element building on the work I have completed during my time here in Dundee."