How to Apply for an SSC in Research Practice

How to Apply for an SSC in Research Practice

There are only 5 places available on the SSC in Research Practice.  If you are interested in applying, you should consult the SSC in Research Practice project list to find projects of particular interest to you.

To apply, you will be required to submit the following to

  •  A brief CV including all your course grades to date

  • A short paragraph (200-300 words) about why you want to do an SSC in laboratory research

  • Your SSC in Research Practice application form, indicating your top 3 projects in order of preference, chosen from the list of projects published on the website and circulated via email.

N.B. The application process for the SSC in Research Practice is a two-step process.  Initially, applications should be submitted to DCAT ( by 12 noon on the date given in October 2019.  DCAT will inform you if your application has been successful ahead of the final closing date for the main SSC applications.  Students should then follow the main SSC applications process: successful applicants will be advised to put the SSC in Research Practice as their first choice, whilst unsuccessful candidates should choose an alternative SSC.

Applications have now closed for the 2018/19 SSC in Research Practice.