Vacation Studentships - Student Feedback

Vacation Studentships - Student Feedback

Vacation studentship students from the past two years were asked to provide feedback upon completing their studentship. Here is what they had to say about the scheme:

  • Thoroughly enjoyable experience learning a vast array of new techniques with some fantastically kind and patient lab members.

  • Great opportunity and the financial support provided by the DCAT team meant that I had an amazing opportunity for research that otherwise would not have been available to me.

  • It was a great opportunity to engage in medical research over the summer to see how a lab works on a daily basis and learn some new research skills.

  • I really enjoyed my vacation studentship – it allowed me to see and think about medicine in a completely new light and has made me appreciate how much weight ethical guidelines and ethical views influence clinical care.

  • It was a great experience to pick up lab skills, and to understand better how lab-based research works. 

  • I thoroughly enjoyed exploring an area of medicine I knew little about and having the freedom to follow areas of personal interest throughout the vacation studentship with support from my supervisor.

  • My supervisors and colleagues in the lab were all very nice, incredibly helpful and patient with me.

  • Overall, this vacation studentship strengthened my interest research and academic medicine and I find the outcome of my vacation studentship to be an encouraging first step towards a scientific career.

  • The experience was interesting and rewarding and I feel it was a good use of my summer vacation.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed working in this project throughout my summer holidays – it was something very different to anything I have ever taken part of and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I feel that taking part in this summer project has given me more confidence and I have gained a bigger insight into how another side of Medicine works. It has made me better appreciate the equipment that we as clinicians use on a daily basis.

  • Everyone was very friendly, I was immediately incorporated in all group discussions and I got a good sense of the project goal from the start.

  • During the course of this 6 - week summer studentship, the skills I have gained have been so valuable.

  • It was a good use of the summer break, being exposed to clinical environments I have previously not experienced.

  • Was a very interesting opportunity to have learned and applied valuable skills that cannot be obtained anywhere else in a standard medical school curriculum.

  • It was a great opportunity to conduct a laboratory - based research project.

  • Spending 6 weeks of my summer working in a research environment was a valuable experience and I truly enjoyed it.

  • In my project, I was given the opportunity to be involved in multiple projects, explore the literature and ask questions which I thoroughly enjoyed. I received tremendous support and guidance from the staff in the department which enhanced the learning experience.

  • DCAT is a very good scheme for students with no prior experience to know more about conducting a research project and personally I think I got a lot out of my project. DCAT really reinforced my goal to get involved in more research studies in the future and it also made me feel more confident in conducting a data analysis project, which I have never done before. My supervisor spent a lot of time teaching me skills required to conduct a data analysis project and he provided me with loads of opportunities to present my work. I feel very honoured to work with the research team and I am very grateful for this project.