Vacation Studentship Student Feedback

Vacation Studentship Student Feedback

Vacation studentship students from the past two years were asked to provide feedback upon completing their studentship. Here is what they had to say about the scheme:


  • "I was able to see the collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians including basic science and translational research. This was also linked seamlessly to how this could be taken further into clinical research in the future”

  • “It showed me an aspect of medicine that is not generally taught in classes"

  • “I was given fantastic guidance and support by my supervisors, whilst also being allowed to work on my own”

  • “There was a lot of responsibility given to you – you really felt part of a team. At the same time the support was fantastic”

  • “Enjoyed getting to meet a number of consultants to discuss career paths and set up future SPSSCs”

  • “It allowed me to use some time of my holidays to be engaged in something productive, educational and remunerative at the same time”

  • “Flexible working hours and being very independent”

  • “I think that the application process was fair and reasonable. The instructions provided for applications were clear and fair. I really liked the choice of projects available. I think they cater to lots of different aspects of medicine and different types of research”

  • “It was excellent to have the background knowledge from my SSC. I highly recommend doing an SSC first"

  • “Fantastic choice of projects spread across a wide variety of subject areas”

  • “I can think of nothing better to do with my summer”

  • “It was fantastic. I would recommend to everyone and hope to complete another one in the future”

  • “I really enjoyed the vacation scholarship and look forward to going back to do a BMSc year. The support I got was excellent and it provided a great opportunity to learn more of basic science and the role of academia”

  • “I think the vacation studentships are a great way to spend the summer. They provide a platform for undertaking further research and reinforce important skills such as literature searching, presenting, writing scientific reports, team working and working in a scientific environment, all of which are essential skills for a medical student and future doctor”

  • “Definitely recommend it as a good chance to find out if research is a career for you"

  • "I feel I have developed enormously in terms of personal development too. Working with adult colleagues, both learning from them and working as a team, will benefit me working on the wards as a 4th year. Troubleshooting ideas, asking questions, needing to show initiative, taking on responsibilities for practical tasks and my own background learning – all translational skills helpful for a medical student”

  • "I think these studentships are a great opportunity to gain an insight into the research that underpins medical practice. I think exposure to research environments and techniques is still so valuable for future medical practice"

  • "This was my second DCAT Studentship having completed one with the same supervisors last year. That probably shows enough that I enjoyed it!"

  • "Great way to gain practical laboratory skills and see research in action"

  • "This was a great way to spend my summer, doing some productive and worthwhile. It was great to work with clinicians, statisticians, and get more patient experience to keep my brain in gear during the summer. I felt I learned a lot that is not normally taught in the academic curriculum and it will hold me in good stead for the rest of my medical education"

  • "The vacation studentship has provided me with key skills and knowledge which have already been of great benefit when planning my honours project for next year: I would highly recommend the scheme"

  • "I’m already finding the experience is helping me in work I’m doing for my fourth year project. The studentships have also given me a desire to seek more research opportunities in future and have given me more confidence to do this. For example it’s given me the insight and drive to seek to present my 4th year project at a conference (hopefully) and maybe more in future!"