DCAT Vacation Studentships

DCAT Vacation Studentships

The DCAT vacation studentship scheme offers talented students at the University of Dundee the unique opportunity to work in a research environment during their summer break. 

  • Projects typically last 6-8 weeks, and students get hands on experience of a research project

  • They may be held in research groups across the University of Dundee and are not restricted to laboratory work. 

  • Bursaries of £200 - £250/week (dependent on the funding body) are available from various funds held within the University as well as from external bodies.

  • Upon completion of the project, students are expected to write up their work in the form of an abstract.

Last summer we administered 19 bursaries, and we hope to be able to match that this year as feedback from the previous years has been very positive with all participating students indicating that they would recommend the scheme to friends and colleagues.

For more detailed information about the scheme please contact dcat@dundee.ac.uk or have a look at the handbook.

Applications are now being accepted!  Deadline 12 noon on Monday 10 February 2020.   More Information about the scheme.