Medical Students

Medical Students

 Early exposure to research is an important way of encouraging medical students to develop their intellectual curiosity. The opportunity to participate in the process of asking and answering research questions provides hand on experience in critical analysis and appraisal, and offers a training ground for a wide variety of transferable skills.

  • Research encourages an inquisitive mind

  • Research encourages the development of critical appraisal and analysis skills

  • Research enables students to develop in-depth core knowledge about specific subjects which cannot be covered in the currciculum.

  • Through understanding research processes and procedures, researchers can gain greater understanding of clinical practices and how they have come about

  • Working within a research team necessitates the development of team working skills

  • Ethics and governance are an important aspect of research and participating in a project can raise awareness of common issues

  • Translating findings into practice requires an ability to convey difficult concepts, exposure to research and the need to communicate findings helps hone the relevant skills

To ensure that medical students have access to research, the University of Dundee has created opportunities for medical students to embark on research projects at various stages of their degree.


In particular, these opportunities are: