How to Apply to the Dundee Academic Foundation Programme

How to Apply to the Dundee Academic Foundation Programme

Applications for Academic Foundation positions should be submitted through the national programme. Individuals should register for an account and complete the same online application form as all other applicants. The application form will indicate what additional information you need to provide for your AFP application and will usually be made available early October and should be completed before the deadline which is usually mid-October. Scotland should be selected as the Unit of Application and successful applicants will be matched to individual programmes after the interview.

For more information please consult the ‘Applicant Guidance' page on the UKFP website.  The FP/AFP Applicant’s Handbook can be accessed there too.

The national application process for the AFP comprises a number of components:

  • UK medical schools and the UKFPO’s Eligibility Office nominate applicants who are eligible to apply and provide their EPM decile scores

  • Applicants register on the Foundation Programme Application System (FPAS) and verify that they are a nominated applicant

  • Applicants complete the online application form for the Foundation Programme and the Academic Foundation Programme 2014

  • Educational achievements scores are verified by national panels

  • Applicants attend the Situational Judgement Test

  • AFP offers are issued according to a strict timetable

  • Allocation to Unit of Application