Discovery Travel Award Eligibility Criteria and Regulations

Discovery Travel Award Eligibility Criteria and Regulations

Please read the eligibility criteria and regulations below carefully before applying for a Discovery Travel Award.

• Applicants must be employed either by the University of Dundee or NHS Tayside in a junior doctor training post and should be working in Tayside at the time of submitting their application.

• Applicants may be from any specialty, and the scheme is not restricted to academic trainees.

• Preference will be given to early stage trainees (usually foundation year doctors, core trainees, or specialty trainees who have not commenced work for a higher degree).

• We are particularly keen to support research that has benefit for patients.

• Applicants should submit evidence that they will be presenting their own research, either as an oral or poster presentation at the meeting.  This will normally be an abstract.

• The work presented may relate to any area of medicine, including medical education.

• Awards are not intended to cover the full costs of the proposed meeting, and applicants are encouraged to seek support from other sources. 

• An individual may submit only one application for each round.

• Award recipients who do not attend the proposed event will be required to repay the award in full.

• Award recipients must present evidence of abstract acceptance before claiming their award, but this does not have to be included at time of application. 

• Retrospective applications will be considered for conferences in the preceding eight weeks.

• You must have the support of your training programme director to submit an application.

• Winners of Discovery Travel Awards will be expected to present at our annual symposium.